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Care for your tree to keep it fresh all the way through New Year's...

WATER - Once you get your tree home, get it in water as soon as possible (use warm water to keep the pitch from sealing over).  It's also a good idea to cut 1/2 inch or more from the bottom of the trunk just before you put it in the stand so it can absorb water.  Then fill your stand with warm water and check it daily.  Trees will drink the most water during the first week. 

NEEDLES DROPPING? - Every tree loses some needles during the year as a normal part of their growing process.  But because of all our rain, the needles get stuck in the trees.  Then after we bring them into our warm, dry homes, those "stuck" needles dry off and fall out.  If you've cut your own tree, you know it's fresh, and it's not going to drop needles.  Keep it watered and away from heat sources, and it'll be beautiful for a month!

LESS MESS - Before you bring your tree in, put it in one of the really big leaf/lawn bags (trunk end down), pull it up as much as possible, then carry it into the house.  Pull the bag down, but not away.  When you're ready to take the tree outside, pull the bag all the way up.  Not as much mess!  Now if I could only remember to do that before I get the tree set up and decorated!


After enjoying your beautiful tree, please consider recycling it.  Here is a link to current recycling information and locations.

In Marion County:


Nobles at Little St. Nick's Tree Farm